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Android Apps Permissions Explained Download Information

Android Apps Permissions Explained

App NameAndroid Apps Permissions Explained
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Android Support4.1 and up
Last UpdatedJune 7, 2020
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[/su_box] There are a lot of apps and games which demand for permissions while installing them in android device. These permissions depend on the app or game type such as if you are installing camera and editing app, then the app will ask for camera and file manager permission. Sometimes these permissions are necessary to give to make the app work perfectly. It depends on you whether you want to give the permissions or not.

Why Should You Be Careful About Android Apps Permissions?

App permission is the most ignored part while downloading and installing the app or game. There are many applications which ask for the permissions to access your device storage or to access more sensitive area of your device. Some apps do not ask for the permissions in the honor until they need them or you need to. Android security is increasing day by day and it is good to have a secured data and place to secure your data easily. No one can steal your data unless you allow unknown apps to do that. You must be conscious about giving permissions because not every developer is trustworthy and you should be wise in Android Apps Permissions Explained scenario. Now security is increasing and whenever you download and install an app, google will show you the permissions which the app will demand. This article is just for you to take a complete look at Android Permissions, such as:
  • What they really mean and why you should be careful about that?
  • How these permissions look like in apps?
There are a lot to learn in this article and your time is also precious to us so let’s start without wasting any time. App permissions have now become a great privacy element, allowing you to decide that which type of permission you want to give to the app or which type of permission you do not want to give. There are so many untrusted applications are available on google play store and on internet which can access your device’s data even after denying the permissions. These type of apps can communicate with the other installed apps which you granted permissions and then these restricted apps can access and steal your data with the help of communication. You should be careful about those apps and should not install before checking the reviews on internet.

What Happens Android Apps Bypass Permissions to Access Your Data?

There are two type of Android System Permissions which are as follow:
  1. Normal
  2. Dangerous
The android app permission system will allow the normal asked permissions to the app because normal permissions are not riskier to your privacy and data. However, dangerous permissions can access many things in your device such as camera, file manager, storage, contacts, messages, web history and location as well. You do not have to worry about that because android will show you all the requested permissions and will allow you to grant the permissions which you want and you can also deny to these permissions.

Why You Should Be careful?

Body Sensor App

There can be some malicious apps which can access your health and can monitor your routines and meeting times as well. You should be very careful about these apps because these can access all of your information about your daily routine and health.


Some apps can access your camera after permission and can shoot video and record daily life acts as well. You should be careful about this as well.


If you install malicious app and mistakenly grant it storage permission and contact permission, then you are in problem. These apps can steal your contact info and data and can whole storage to target your friends and family with wrong and spam messages and calls.


These malicious apps can get the exact location of yours and can keep an eye on your daily activity. Location permission is the most sensitive permission and you should be careful about that.


Apps for callings and messages can ask you to grant the permission to access microphone which can lead you to the problem. These fake calling apps and malicious apps can record your calls and messages data and can also steal personal information like contact number and more. Before granting the permission, you must see the app review and do not grant unnecessary permissions to these apps.

What are Android Permissions?

In Android, there are many apps which ask for permissions because these apps will not properly until they get access to related data and you are allowed to grant permissions to these apps and games. After installing the application, you can see the box appearing for requesting to access the storage, camera, location in your device. Security is increasing in android and now no app can get access inside your device until you allow them.

How to Check App Permissions?

If you want to check the app permissions, go to the settings of your device first and then go to the apps section. There you need to choose the app for which you want to check the permissions and examine the app. After that, open the app and you will see permission option, open this and there you can check the granted permissions and requested permissions easily.

How to Check Permissions before Installing?

You can check the permissions before installing the app by visiting google play store. Go to permission tap in and there you can check the permissions which will be requested by the app. All of these permissions are categorized and checking the permissions before installing the app is better than checking after installing the app. Later in this article, you will see the methods to check which app is using what kind of services.

Why This Matters?

App permissions are not that bad and you should not consider this as bad. There are many advanced devices with a lot of great and more features and they are more dangerous than a normal device. Therefore, you will need to keep your device safe from scam apps and malicious apps. Let me tell you with the example, if google map asks for the location permission then it is normal because google map is a map which will access your location and show you the right place and path but if Music app asks for the contact permission then it is wrong and you should be careful about that. You need to be a smart and alert while granting permissions to apps and you should grant the permissions to legal apps and trusted apps only to avoid any kind of issue. If you install an app in your android device, google will show you the requested permissions by the app and you are allowed to accept or deny. You have a complete control on your device and data and you are the one who can protect your data from stealing. You can deny the unusual permissions asked by the app.

Common Permissions

There are many type of permissions asks by the app and these are very common these days. Below is the list of common permissions ask by the applications and you can see the sub divisions of these permissions.

Camera – 

There are apps such as Multimedia apps which will request you to grant the permissions of your camera and these type of apps only ask for this permission. You can grant them permission if the app is legal and original.

In-app Permissions –

Every game and app has in-app purchases which you can buy and these apps can ask for some certain permissions such as you need to put the data of your account if you want to purchase something in the game or app. You should be careful about this because kids can also have access and they can keep purchasing from your account money which is registered in the app.

Microphone –

This permission can be asked by the calling apps and if you grant them the permission then these apps can record your calls and have access to your call logs as well.

Storage – 

Most applications demand for the storage permissions such as if you install browser and want to download something from this browser then this browser will ask to grant the storage permission to save the file into your device. This permission will allow the app to access everything in your storage such as images, videos and documents etc.

Location –

GPS based apps will always ask for the location permission and you can grant this permission if you want these apps to work properly. Above are the commonly asked permissions by the apps and you can grant these permissions if you think that the app is trustworthy and these apps will not steal your data. You should have a good and updated android version with updated security. Android security is increasing and becoming better with the passage of time. You should be careful about these permissions and should never ignore this part while installing an app in your device.

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